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Geometry Wars

30 Mar

Geometry is one of the most confusing games I know, also definitely one of the most psychedelic games I know…

Seamless Boogie Woogie

29 Mar

Video for Clinic with a nice retro feel.

Coldcut & Hexstatic – ‘Natural Rhythm’

28 Mar

Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Make It Bun Dem

27 Mar

A new gem for Jr. Gong Marley & Skrillex !

Jake Fried – The Deep End

26 Mar

These “friedimations” compel one to give them repeated viewings and pause to inspect them frame by frame (look at the writing in the brain folds, any familiar acronyms?). They work on a Tuesday as well as on a Fry-day.

Psychedelic clips from Bloodmeridianredux

25 Mar

YouTube user Bloodmeridianredux has a collection of beautiful and very psychedelic videos to psychedelic tracks by many bands. Check out his page if you feel like watching more.

Here is a beautiful 68 minute video from the Austin psych fest 2013, from Bloodmeridian’s page.

(Link: Harpo Marx. Thank you!)

“Inner Mindscapes” Series of Psychedelic Art Videos

24 Mar

YouTube user B4Ddaycomes has a whole channel full of Psychedelic Art Videos he uploaded. While quality may not always be constant (shaky camera sometimes distracts, etc.), there are some discoveries to be made. This may not be your million dollar Kanye West video, but I really enjoyed the diy spirit (“FX Footage ( vegetable oil, food coloring, acrylic ink and water )”) for a change.

Look Into My Eyes (While I Masturbate)

23 Mar

Space-age satisfaction.

Cellular Circuitry

22 Mar

Last year we posted some of Ben Ridgway’s work (here) with a teaser for Cellular Circuitry. The full version has now been released, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more accurate representation of what ayahuasca does to visual perception.

The Martial Art of colors

21 Mar
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