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“Propaganda” by Petra Glynt

19 Nov

Visual Artist Petra Glynt used the website SELFIE APOCALYPSE for this video for her song Propaganda. If you are not afraid of being afraid of your selfie, you can check out the trippy tool with the link above.


“Pigs” by Black Dice

12 Nov

Trippy punkzine-like cut ups by Brooklyn noise group Black Dice.

“Não Espero Mais” by O Terno

29 Oct

It takes a while until the video for O Terno’s “Não Espero Mais” reveals its psychedelic nature. But when it does, it demonstrates how trippy our daily use of modern communication media has become.

“Exhumed” by Zola Jesus

15 Oct

“The Gate” by Björk

8 Oct

“Someone to Lose” by Wilco

3 Sep

“Three Rings” by Grizzly Bear

20 Aug

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