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Galaxy Gates – Thomas Blanchard

31 May

Another fantastic video by Thomas Blanchard.

Off the Air: Paradise (S07E03)

30 May

Aired in 2017.

List of videos in this episode:

Intro animation by Ricky Jonsson Jr.
Interstitials by Sam Hochman and Kristel Brinshot
Isla’s Day by Jeremy Sengly and Winona Regan
Autonomous Paradise by Filip Kostić
SMITE by Thomas de Rijk
The Jungle by Joseph Melhuish
Yeasties by Jordan Speer, video processing by Robert Beatty
Pin Pon (gameplay trailer) by Theo Triantafyllidis
LadyPecs blasterX by Andy and Sam Rolfes
Selfish workers by Alexandre Louvenaz
Quiet Time by Elenor Kopka
Intergalactic Absurdism by Tea Stražičić; Server Ho by Andrew Thomas Huang
Basilisk by Geriko
Sunset by Ezra Miller; GIFs by Jeremy Sengly and Winona Regan

The Turtles Japan: Kazabana

29 May

Music video by TAKCOM.

God Knox – Kokofreakbean

28 May

A favorite here at the DPV, the one and only Kokofreakbean.  It’s been a little while since we have seen anything new from this master of fast-cut, brain meltingly glitchy and surreal visual onslaughts, but you may be sure that more is on the way.


“Mass Observation” by Scanner

27 May

BoJack’s drugged-out trip

26 May

Bojack Horseman is having a crazy ass hallucination

Crunch – Bit Hop (Kima Video)

25 May

Dark, mysterious and blessed with the musical genius of Dave Tipper. Tipper is an absolute legend of sound design and he continues to push the boundary of what is possible in music.

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