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The Mighty Boosh : Really weird dream

I don’t know this BBC series but it’s always interesting to see how traditional psychedelics are represented on T.V. :

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Rats on C…

A serie of cartoons showing two rats, an abusive paranoid schizophrenic and a selfish sadistic bitch utilized to test the effects of massive habitual cocaine use.

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Two in a million – Potpourri of Pearls

Potpourri of Pearls from Philadelphia, which were already featured here in the past, describe themselves as an Avant-Homo group. “We explore the darkness, humor, weirdness
and sparkle of pop, dance, and soul music. We especially like the musical moment where the shininess wears away a bit and things become a bit raw and delightful.”

Indeed I find their music clips to be strange, surprising and delightful. Check them out.