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“Joust” – Atari Video Game Commcercial

23 Jan

1982 Commercial for the video game “Joust” for Atari 2600 & 5200

I don’t even know whats happening in this commercial but i love it regardless. Commercials back then were so much better i find, as most of them were just pure nonsense. Now a days commercials are so simplistic¬†and/or generic it kills me; metaphorically.

“Atomic Dog” by George Clinton

22 Jan

A true classic of 80s psychedelia! Enjoy!

“Breathing” by Kate Bush

15 Jan

Spacemen 3 – “RollerCoaster”

26 Dec

Unofficial music video for the song “Rollercoaster” by Spaceman 3, off there first album “Sound of Confusion”.

If you haven’t listened to or heard of Spaceman 3 before, i suggest you get typin’ in your google bar because these guys are one of the greatest psychedelic bands from the late 80’s in my opinion. My go to band for when i’m having a nice trip. There music provides good chill vibes, the goodness in the world, the goodness in drugs and even sometimes a glimpse of the big man in the sky. Would Recommend there second album “The Perfect Prescriptions” if you want to check them out.


“Dear Jessie” by Madonna

7 Aug

“Wicked” by Psychic TV

22 May

“It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)” by Eurythmics

12 Jul

The 80s are an interesting period for psychedelic aesthetics. Hippies were declared outdated by punk rock in the 70s and after that psychedelic aesthetics had to blend with the images of the time to stay relevant. And they did — with great success. A lot of the visual tropes of psychedelic aesthetics had already established themselves in visual culture. Straight lines and plain surfaces now cooled down the arabesque imagination of the 60s, yet still shapes constantly morphed into each other and lines began dancing out of nowhere. What used to be associated with the influence of mind altering substances now got linked to limitless possibilities of new technology and media.

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