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Shoe – Egg (Official Video)

14 Dec

Animation by the great Felix Colgrave


Bassnectar – Infrared ft. Macntaj

7 Dec

Shpongle – Around The World In A Tea Daze [Ott Remix]

19 Oct

Shpongle, Ott, and visuals from around the world!

Bassnectar & Dorfex Bos – Other Worlds

12 Oct

Video by Sebastian Wahl, Black Lake Media, and Nick Grimshaw http://sebastianwahl.com/



“Other Worlds” was inspired by a new collage from Sebastian Wahl , which we brought to life with the help of Black Lake Media. The collage shows portals emerge and unfold and evolve within and around a picture frame… a magical gateway, like the wardrobe in The Chronicles of Narnia.

Bassnectar – Reaching Out [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

5 Oct

This song is about human connection, but also about our personal journeys and how they intersect in cathartic and beautiful ways in a kind of metamorphosis…

Larytta – Osama Obama

1 Sep

Trippy in a unique way. How different are we all really? We could easily end up like osama or obama. In the end, the human experience is so similar.

Perceptronium (music video by Zebbler Encanti Experience)

20 Jul


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