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The Path – The Fraktopus

3 Jun

Some semi-recent animation from Renard Frak

CloZee & Maddy O’Neal – Zest Please

25 Mar

Suuns – Make It Real

21 Jan

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER – The Beatles (cover) – @alvar0rtega

7 Jan

Nice little spin on a classic

DARK/The Surrealist — Origami [Official Music Video]

30 Jul

Elohim – Hallucinating, I’m Lost, Connect

26 Feb

I was surprised to see we have not yet featured Elohim on this page! Here’s a few of her trippier ones:

Jesper Ryom: Nights

16 Feb

Shroomy stylings directed and animated by Mathijs Luijten.

Hungry Spiders (Official Video) Cualli

29 Jan

Hilarious little music video from the funky man Cualli

Lavender Worm – Lasagne Rhythm

28 Aug


Canigou – Tape (official music video by Hideki Inaba)

14 Aug

Music video for the track Tape by Canigou. Animated and directed by Hideki Inaba.

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