Psychedelic electronic music, Psychedelic Music Clips

Porter Robinson – Flicker (Official Video)

Directed by: Adam Goodall

Produced by: Targa Sahyoun

VFX: Adam Petke @ Coyote Post

Psychedelic electronic music, Psychedelic Music Clips

Lusine – Just A Cloud

Audio reactive lights and the beauty of the human form make for a relaxing bus ride! You can catch Lusine playing very chill IDM sets around the US.

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Dan Deacon – Feel The Lightning (Official Video)

You may have seen Dan Deacon featured on adult swim before. The even aired an off the air episode he made. He still plays live sets from time to time. Here is his music video ‘Feel the Lightning’

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Glue Trip – “Elbow Pain”

“Elbow Pain” by Brazilian duo, Glue Trip from the album “Just Trippin”

Such a chill and sad song. If you into Neo-Psychedelia, i would recommend giving this band a hear. There mixture of Brazilian melodies and Neo-Psychedelia make for a nice and interesting tune.

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Spacemen 3 – “RollerCoaster”

Unofficial music video for the song “Rollercoaster” by Spaceman 3, off there first album “Sound of Confusion”.

If you haven’t listened to or heard of Spaceman 3 before, i suggest you get typin’ in your google bar because these guys are one of the greatest psychedelic bands from the late 80’s in my opinion. My go to band for when i’m having a nice trip. There music provides good chill vibes, the goodness in the world, the goodness in drugs and even sometimes a glimpse of the big man in the sky. Would Recommend there second album “The Perfect Prescriptions” if you want to check them out.