Archive | September, 2020

Mr Traumatik – Question Everything

19 Sep

Noj Dot Forest

18 Sep

Hong Kong Ballet 40th Anniversary Season Brand Video

17 Sep

A Ravel inspired 40th anniversary video for Hong Kong Ballet’s

神山羊 – シュガーハイウェイ

16 Sep

Underwater Owl by Chris Saunders

15 Sep

This owl is a bit outside its natural element.

Aphex Twin – Warehouse Project, Manchester (visuals by Weirdcore)

14 Sep

Long form video with mad visuals from Weirdcore.

Hypnospace Outlaw

13 Sep

Mr Traumatik – Psychedelic Ascension

12 Sep

Morphing | Off The Air | Fanmade

11 Sep

One of the better fanmade Off The Air videos i’ve seen!

An Optical Poem – produced by Oskar Fischinger 1938

10 Sep

This groundbreaking short (7 minutes) was landmark in object animation with Fischinger manipulating hundreds of paper-cuts hung on invisible wires.


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