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Silver Strain – The Jihad of Muad’Dib [Dune]

31 Jul

Amazing fake trailer for a film existing only in our dreams.

SETI 1 by Hilary Harp

30 Jul

This one hell of psychedelic artistic machinery…

“Mr. Fingers” by Animal Collective

29 Jul

There are some strange things going on in this video…  eerie and beautiful.

[Thank you, Karo!]

Jeff Beam – Now (Psychedelic Version)

28 Jul

The alternate psychedelic version of a promotional video for “NOW”, the first single from Jeff Beam’s 2012 psychedelic album “BE YOUR OWN MIRROR”.

And here’s another one from Jeff Beam.  Dreamy and beautiful.

Continuum Infinitum

27 Jul

Ben Ridgeway has some great animations of tryptaminesque topographies. The one above is a kind of dimensional unfolding, and the one below is a perfect rendering of ayahuasca-vison. The full Cellular Circuitry video will be released later this year, so hopefully we will get a chance to post the entire film then.

The Yard Dogs Roadshow

26 Jul

Out of ideas of what to do in these hot summer days?

This video by BEMO has some great ideas in it 🙂


Meditation by Minha Yang

25 Jul

Yang describes the interactive installation as “a kind of religious tool,” creating a serene oasis of sound and responsive visuals that react to viewers’ body movements. The goal is to create an immersive space for reflection and introspection, a respite from the many distractions of urban life, but it’s also just fun to play with, as was evidenced by the constant crowds it drew at our events.

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