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Gang Gang Dance – ‘MindKilla’

7 May

I never really connected to Trance music, no matter how much psychedelics I did. So I am exited to present this trippy dance band: Gang Gang Dance, their album is soon to be released

The Beaded game of Death and Rebirth

18 Feb

Indian Animator Ishu Patel was making some highly metaphysical, highly imaginative and exquisitely done videos back in the 1970’s. “The Bead Game”, created by Patel in 1978, is a never ending chainof death and rebirth, of things flowing into and out of one another, falling apart, and creating new life. A beaded version of the game of existence.

(Link: Rea. Thanks!)

Cyriak – Surrealistic Animal Evolutionism

17 Jan

In recent weeks we have been receiving a fair amount of Cyriak links. Cyriak, an after effects artist whose work has  already been featured here on the DPV is garnering millions upon millions of YouTube views and quickly becoming a sort of YouTube age Dali (At least in terms of popularity).

Imaginatively and often viciously playing around with simple photos and animations, Cyriak creates dream landscapes which often turn into bizzare nightmares. The result is compelling, though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for someone under the influence…

The Chase Film

15 Jan

Why is this new Intel commercial for 2nd generation Intel Core i5 processor psychedelic?

Moving between alternate realities has forever been the trademark of the psychedelic (and shamanic) world view. Although here this happens on a computer desktop (Beware, as Terence McKenna said, computers and drugs are both ways to expand consciousness, only different parts of it…), one only needs to re-imagine this clip as the flight of the shaman through alternate realms, flying between parallel window-worlds in his other-worldly mission. And indeed, it seems to me that the dynamics of this video might remind many a psychedelic voyager, of their own trips, running, flying from inner demons, and into new frontiers through a labyrinth of window-worlds. Highly psychedelic!

Psychedelic Flower Power

10 Jan

I am not sure this is what they meant when they were talking about “flower power” in the sixties, but this clip, titled “psychedelic warfare” on YouTube has already reached more than 3 million views. So this is what happens when guns go psychedelic…

(Link: Morning Glory. Thanks!)

Mr. Freeman – Episode 0

7 Jan

The first episode of Mr. Freeman, one of the more original and refreshing internet phenomena to have emerged in the last years, is a dark pitched appeal to consumers of mass-reality to start questioning their existence as part of the big machine.

This primitivistically drawn and ingeniously dubbed video which became an huge internet hit on the russian web, is a like concentrated mind-shattering medicine to hyper-mediated brains fettered by mass-media and a call to go out of your mind, out of the constraints of culture (Remember Terence Mckenna who said: Culture is not your friend) and find the path to true existence.

(If you don’t speak Russian, it would be a good idea to turn on the captions “CC” button)

Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 26 – Shinji’s Mind at the end of the world

3 Jan

To my mind, Hideaki Anno’s Neon Genesis Evangelion is probably the best, most mind blowing television series ever created and probably the most mind shattering material ever recorded on video. It changed my life when I first watched it around 2003 and I will forever be grateful to it.
This episode, from episode 26, the final episdoe of the original series (1995) is part of the ultra-psychedelic trip Shinji is going through is mind right around the end of the world. It deals with very fundamental truths about who we are and draws from Freud , among others, but reminds me of a the death-rebirth experiences which one might undergo during a psychedelic experience. (“Death-Rebirth” is incidentally the name of one of the two Evangelion films which were produced in 1997).

(Link: Morning Glory. Thanks for reminding me!)

Shrooms in Nature

1 Nov

For all you winter hibernators, Here is something to remind you of the beauty of springtime during the long cold months ahead. This is from the MySpace page of video artist Mike Celona, that is well worth checking out.

Superflat First Love by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton

21 Aug

The lines between psychedelic art and excessive commercial advertising can’t be more  blurred. it seems to be a part of a whole series, and the other videos are not any less pretty and trippy!

"The apocalyptic champ" - Takashi Murakami Detail

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