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AI generated DMT entities

5 Aug

First steps into the future!

The Jumblies – AI Pixel Poems – pytti

1 Apr

Wild new AI visualizations

Remixing Motion Capture Data With CVAE

12 Aug

by MediaMonks Labs

interesting stuff going on there!

read: https://medium.com/@samsniderheld/remixing-motion-capture-data-with-conditional-variational-autoencoders-1f5c84e20e74

The 1975 – The End (Music For Cars)

24 May

Video by Demon Sanctuary’s (David Atlas)

Big Trip by Vadim Epstein

16 Aug

Using new GAN technology, this 1 hour trip morphs and changes from scene to scene seamlessly. Crazy new deep dream style code!

My Imaginary Friends [Vadim Epstein, 2019]

1 Aug

“Made with Celeb1024 model of ProGAN, briefly uptrained on the punk/goth/rave portraits (kind of transfer learning). Produced for the Rodchenko Art School (Moscow) students’ exhibition.”

Frank Zappa – Muffin Man (neural style by Lulu xXX)

25 Feb

Lulu xXX is doing some fantastic work on the forefront of AI video processing, aka “deep dream”. Plenty more eye & brain candy here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxj0Q6F6gDplQbSEjtFhrBw

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