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Mister Lies – False Astronomy (Official Video)

30 Jun

Animated by Nick Torres.

“Water Fountain” by tUnE-yArDs

29 Jun

you might enjoy this…

JAW GEMS – Akai Floss

28 Jun

Filmed and edited by Jay Brown.

Foster The People “Pseudologia Fantastica”

27 Jun

From Foster The People’s new album ‘Supermodel.’
Download ‘Supermodel’ on iTunes:
Concept and Direction by Mark Foster
Additional Direction and Animation by Hannes/Johannes

Maitreya Bodhisattva Tusita Heaven

26 Jun

Some Budhist psychedelics:


Dance on the circle

25 Jun

Mikhail SADOVNIKOV (Russia), clay, pottery wheel, music, improvisation…
ALIHAN SAMEDOW song “Sen Gelmez Oldun”;
PETR DRANGA “CHardash” by Monti;
SERGEI STAROSTIN and his song “Gluboko”.


24 Jun

Generative animation iPad app by Glenn Marshall.

Coca Cola – The Happiness Factory

23 Jun

Behind every consumerist act of buying Coca Cola lies a magical land full of sweet amazing creatures, or so at least tell us this Coca Cola commercial. I don’t buy it, but I still like the visuals and enjoy the usual theme of psychedelic commercials – where buying a product supplies one with access into a magical, psychedelic realm.

And here the longer version:

Reading Rainbow (also feat. Jimmy Fallon)

22 Jun

The first video ist the title sequence of the American TV-Series Reading Rainbow. The second is a lost performance by the Doors, that Jimmy Fallon happend to discover on his Late Night show recently.

I hope you are enjoying this as much as I did!

[Thanks to Roland for the links!]



UP by EL AL safety video

21 Jun

I usually try to avoid airflight safety videos as much but there was something about the spacey disco feeling in this one.


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