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“The Traveller” by Beach House

31 Jul

new Beach House video for the track The Traveller.

Omniverse – Imagining 10 Dimensions

30 Jul

What’s the difference between the 5th dimension, the 7th dimension and the 10th dimension? Just click on this video and Rob Bryanton will explain it all. A mind-blowing watch for a Saturday afternoon.

Mea Culpa-Brian Eno and David Byrne: video by Bruce Connor

29 Jul

I consider this sort of proto-post psychedelia. Bruce Connor’s imagery is both mind altering and domestic. The music and imagery evoke altered states of consciousness with an edgy and dangerous leaning. If you find yourself in NYC, check out the Bruce Connor retrospective at MOMA.

Visual Capture Experiment

28 Jul


By: Sam Bell

Off The Air: Animals (S01E01)

27 Jul

Off The Air is a psychedelic anthology series on Adult Swim. Much of the content is produced specifically for the show, but it also features music videos. I will be giving the show a Wednesday slot here at DPV 🙂

List of videos in this episode:
The Big Bounce footage supplied by the Prelinger Archives
El hombre y la Tierra footage provided by RTVE
“Zodiac Shit” music video by Adam Fuchs
Cows and Zebras by Taras Hrabowsky
Meow Mix by Cyriak Harris
Triple Jump footage provided by Tugboat and the East Japan Railway Company
“The Music Scene” music video by Anthony F. Shepperd
Cheese rolling video by SoGlos; 3D closing credits by Adam Bruneau

Dr. Devious and the Wisemen – VR3 Hardcore Style: Off Your Face in Cyberspace (1993)

26 Jul

Last one of the Guru Josh VHSes currently available. Sadly, VR4 and “Lost in Silly Space” have not been uploaded to the web.

Pouff – Weight Of The World

25 Jul

Some more spectacular fractals by Pouff.

Entropia – Mandala

23 Jul

Classixx-Grecian Summer music video directed by Steve Smith

22 Jul

Klyne “Lend me another name” (Director’s Cut)

22 Jul


By: Alan Masferrer

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