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ODESZA – Light Of Day (feat. Ólafur Arnalds) – Official Video

1 Oct

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Is it Me or is it You?

28 Aug

Acid Trance Mix Original 2 (2K 60FPS UHD)

29 Jul

Abbi and Ilana’s Mushroom Trip | Broad City

1 Apr

Bonobo – EyesDown (Machinedrum Remix 5″ Edit)

9 Nov

Thank you Eyal Chirurg for sending me this good stuff 🙂

“Niko et la Berlue” by Uské Orchestra

31 Mar

Animation by Elena Pardo.

“Pixel Trip” by ProudNothing

3 Mar

“The Metal East” by Lighting Bolt

11 Feb

A Boy Who Can’t Express His Emotions Shows Us Why Being Different Is Beutifal

24 Apr

Another animated video from Omeleto for those that need a little big more convincing. This time being a video short about a kid who cannot express his emotions properly and in turn is misunderstood by many but comes to accept and embrace the very thing that makes him unique.

A beautiful and simple message all hidden within a stunning visual masterpiece.

Samiyam – “Mirror”

19 Dec

“Mirror” from the album “Animals Have Feelings” by Samiyam Ft. Earl Sweatshirt. Video by Ruff Mercy.



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