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Pepsi psychedelic commercial from the 1970s

30 Oct

Regrettably this one has no audio, but the photos speak for an era in which mind expansion was a concept to be used to get people to drink your brand of cola.

Tobe Hooper // EGGSHELLS (1969)

29 Oct

Eggshells is an independent low-budget film released in 1969. It is the first film directed by Tobe Hooper. It was written by Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper (writers of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre).

Tobe Hooper’s first film, Eggshells, released a half decade before The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has long been considered a lost film, with there being little hope that a print would surface. The film has attracted attention because it is Tobe Hooper’s first film, as well as that of his co-writer, Kim Henkel, and because, by all accounts, it is very much a slice of life and rare record of Austin circa 1968. Against all odds, a print has surfaced. Eggshells will be shown for probably the first time in close to four decades at the South by Southwest Film Festival 09.

Kanashimi no Belladonna / Belladonna of Sadness (1973)

28 Oct

Violent story, but such a psychedelic execution! Inspired by the book Satanism and Witchcraft (1862).

Senka & Gal – Car Wash

27 Oct

Senaka & Gal show us that a car wash can be a pretty psychedelic experience.

“Alien Observer” by Grouper

26 Oct

Bonobo – Cirrus – Kaleidoscope verson by ear lust

25 Oct

The whole world is one big kaleidoscope.

Fever The Ghost – SOURCE

24 Oct

Headspace – Jake Fried

23 Oct


The Chemical Brothers // Escape Velocity !

22 Oct

A serious psychedelic smash !

Please enjoy this piece !

And for those who want more :


Special Thanks to my friend Jo – FB: Biosphos Metis – for having shared this video !

Digital Dynamic Paintings from San Base Studio

21 Oct

San Base is from Canada and creates video art for interior design purposes.

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