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Das Pop – The Game

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Cybo ‘Sky Walkers’

From video description: “This is about escape, to give free reign once again to part of our subconscious—that freedom which is one of the few that we have, called ‘imagination’.”

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Epi2mik viral street art

Here is a montage of a French guy, Thierry Olivier aka Epi2mik, a street artist from Caen (FR),

Epi2mik has his own psychedelism in his way of painting, a kind of organic urban gangrene, investing the streets and the street furniture…as a pictural virus could invite itself in our vision, sometimes…!

” For me, this symbolizes all the negative things that our generation lives: AIDS, unemployment, corruption, increase of extremism, the downhill of capitalism….and so on. The city is my framework, I try to promote damaged places, disused places to realize these compositions which are like warning for the citizen…”

At the opposite of graffers, Epi2mik does not use aerosol. With a brush and water paint, he composes these short-lived urban pictures that rain will erase…

psychedelic animation

The Animations of Yuri Norstein

Yuri Norstein’s beautiful animations “Seasons” and “Hedgehog in the Fog” may not be psychedelic in an explicit way. But I think their richness in texture and form and “sense of metamorphosis” make them more than suitable to our purpose of providing you with something beautiful and maybe even meaningful to watch when in that… special kind of mood. Enjoy!

“Hedgehog in the Fog” is one of my all-time favourites!