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Off the Air: Health (S08E01)

30 Apr

Aired in 2018.

List of videos in this episode:

Family Dance by Alan Resnick
Girl Puddle by Dr D Foothead
Morning Wormhole by Kokofreakbean
My Daily Routine #TearItUpGetFit by Simple Town
Wound Treatment by Meditech Communications
Doctor stock footage provided by iStock (uncredited; reused from “Body” and “Work”)
Trolval by Felix Colgrave
Getting Fit by Buttered Side Down
Presenting Oscar, The Modular Body by Cornelis Vlasman (credited to VPRO Television & seriousFilm)
Sommets 2017 by Brandon Blommaert

Yves de Mey – Xylo

29 Apr

Yves de Mey – Xylo from Malo on Vimeo.

“Let It Flow” by Spritualized

28 Apr


27 Apr

Shroooms – C A T K

25 Apr

Really cool artificial growth renders

The pleasure of

25 Apr

…simple things of everyday life.

ART SQOOL (game)

23 Apr

Julian Glander released an unusual game:

U r a froshmin at ART SQOOL. Ur assignments come from an art-grading neural network.

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