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Albert Hofman 1943 – A Bicycle Trip (Datagrama edit)

8 Nov

Albert Hofman 1943 – A bicycle trip.
2d animation by Lorenzo Veracini, Nandini Nambiar and Marco Avoletta / edited by Datagrama Visuals

Music by Tipper

1200 Micrograms – LSD [Visualization]

26 Jul

Another good psytrance tune with visuals showing the lsd experience

BE (short film about Richard Alpert’s first LSD experience)

3 Oct


BE is a short film set in the 1950’s. Harvard psychologist Richard Alpert embarks on his first LSD experience with colleague Timothy Leary in hope of finding new breakthroughs in the field of human psychology. The mind-bending substance takes Richard on a psychedelic trip which presents the possibility of spiritual enlightenment.
Directed by Vlad Feier. Written by Victor Oconitrillo who also plays Richard Alpert.

Zebbler Encanti Experience: Let’s Do Acid

31 Jul

Scathing political commentary.

John Lennon’s First Acid Trip

27 Dec

John Lennon’s description of his first LSD trip turned into an animation. You can read the longer story in a Rolling Stone article.

Trippin’ with the Folks

20 Dec

A slacker has to trip with his parents in this great short film.

I Am Rebel: The Love Drug

17 Jan

A TV documentary about Sasha Shulgin’s life’s work. Produced and written by Matt Wolf for National Geographic.

Holy Fuck: Xed Eyes (music video by Chad VanGaalen)

24 May

An unrelenting barrage of LSD visuals from Chad.

Ex Animo

24 Nov

Polish primordial acid morphing.

Tenacious D // The Effects of LSD

15 Apr

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOUn9iEPosk By Liam Lynch With Jack Black & Kyle Gass

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