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Stained Glass and the Sun -Julius Horsthuis

10 Nov

Beautiful and reflective fractals


BIRDS OF PARADISE – Eternal Recurrence (Official Music Video)

26 Oct

Another beautiful fractal by Julius Horsthuis

6-ION by Julius Horsthuis

17 Oct

More innovative work from the 3D fractal master.

Science, it works. Bitches! – A fractal short

13 Jul

Fractal depiction of the scientific microcosms!

In A World – Fractal short

6 Jul

Beautiful natural imitation in the fractal world

Mandelrun by Julius Horsthuis (fractal parkour)

5 Jul

Julius Horsthuis keeps innovating in the 3D fractal scene.

Phrygian Pleasures (Lune Sombre)

5 Jul

Some novel mandelbulbage.

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