Archive | January, 2018

Gelèe Royal

31 Jan

Creature extravaganza by Studio Huckepack.

Kelsey Brookes: Psychedelic Space

30 Jan

Some serotonergic goodness for ya’ll.

Liquid Liquid – “Caravan”

29 Jan


“Says” by Nils Frahm

28 Jan

Boney M Daddy cool

27 Jan

Some grooving psychedelic disco from the 1970s, in what appears to be a video taken in the best of all possible worlds

C2C – Arcades (Official Video)

26 Jan

Video : “Arcades” by Rémi Paoli

Director’s note : The creation of the visuals for the ARCADES video is based on the DJ’s musical approach. The idea was to use samples of organic images, cut them out, play with time to mix and recreate images in a geometrical way.

GLAS Animation Festival 2018 Signal Film

25 Jan

By: Ori Toor

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