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Ital Tek – Leaving the Grid

30 Apr

Janis Joplin: Move Over

27 Apr

Direction and animation by Andrew Khosravani.


26 Apr
by Tamar Hirschfeld

Tales from the Trip S01E82: Trevor Wallace Fondled a Fruit While on Shrooms

25 Apr

Sexadelic action.

Cellular Chaos “Diamond Teeth Clenched” video by Preston Spurlock

24 Apr

Sublime – Pawn Shop (Pix3lface)

23 Apr

Moon Panda: That Girl

20 Apr

Direction and animation by Andrew Khosravani and Maliboo.


19 Apr

RIP Yehonatan Geffen (1947-2023)

Off the Air: Journeys (S12E04)

18 Apr

Aired in 2022.

List of videos in this episode:

Blast Off by Rick Darge and John Weselcouch
Title credits by Cossa
Door on the Left by Kati Skelton
Lectures On Eternity by The American Standard Film Co.
Mike & Pima by Sam Lane
Couch by Emma Debany
Acid Rain by Tomek Popakul
Wednesday With Goddard by Nicolas Ménard
Excerpt from Solar Walk by Réka Bucsi
Earth Crisis (credited as Now I Know (Earth Crisis)) by Isaiah Saxon
“A Pearl” music video by Saad Moosajee, Art Camp, and Danaé Gosset

Note: This episode was guest curated and produced by Meghan Oretsky.

Pouff – Mercury Birthpod

17 Apr

So great to see the legendary Pouff back in action after a period of silence!

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