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Mandala Naya // DIANE LANDRY

31 Oct

Mandala Naya [ 3 different Mandalas are part of Blue Decline installation ] is on view in the small gallery. Deriving from the Sanskrit word for “ circle “, a mandala is an artistic representation of the cosmos, and is used in Eastern religious traditions as a focus for meditation. Using the now-ubiquitous plastic water bottle, Landry’s mandalas conjure shadow versions of this spiritual symbol. Each of Landry’s mandalas is created from only one kind of bottle, and bears the name of the brand of water it once held, i.e., Mandala Evian. In Mandala Naya, a laundry basket ringed with water bottles is attached to the wall. A tripod, supporting a light attached to a mechanized arm, stands in front of the basket. As the arm moves forward, the light shines through the holes of the basket and through the water bottles, creating a startlingly beautiful shadow that stretches across the wall. This is the reward for watching Mandala Naya for its entire one-minute cycle; just as with traditional mandalas, the time required to experience the work makes it an object of contemplation. (excerpts from the pamphlet : Flying School and Mandala Naya, Rice Gallery, 2005)

X by Max Hattler

30 Oct

Projected onto a water jet screen at King’s Cross Filling Station, London.

Porcupine Tree – Time Flies

29 Oct

(Link: 6dmind. Thanks!)


28 Oct

TOMUTONTTU is Jan Anderzen of Avarus and Kemialliset Ystävät fame (check out the website! it is a whole trip in itself). The video above seems to be a little teaser for the release of an outtakes collection. But the one below is a really nice video of Anderzen performing at the annual Colorscape Arts Festival in Turku, Finland (filmed by Sami Sänpäkkilä).

Hey, have a nice sunday!

Livetune feat. Hatsune Miku – Tell Your World

27 Oct

A psychedelic music clip from vocaloid Hatsune Miku.

(Link: 6dmind. Thanks!)

My dear mother

27 Oct

As we remember, television programs for babies can be very psychedelic. They can also be highly disturbing as this video proves again… The Hebrew lyrics are dedicated to “Dear mother” but all I could see were the huge dilated pupils of the  heavily stoned butterflies and rabbits.

Evoking Spirits

26 Oct

A brilliant animated video by Ori Toor for the song Evoking Spirits by Seattle experimental hip-hop group Kingdom Crumbs.

It Felt Like a Kiss- By Adam Curtis

25 Oct

I don’t usually upload whole films but this one is just a masterpiece!

Adam Curtiss’ documentary film about the U.S. creates a collage of archive videos and music that succeeds being at the same time informative, thought provoking, colorful and psychedelically mind blowing!

In my view “It felt like a kiss” does in film what D.J. food didin music  in his DJ Food is Raiding the 20th century (and if you haven’t listned to this mix yet you owe it to yourself!)

Snail Trail

24 Oct

A film by Philipp Artus debuting online exclusively in Cartoon Brew’s 3rd Student Animation Festival.

Daft Punk x Jay & Silent Bob

23 Oct

Badass mashup by Jules Tardy.

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