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Superorganism – Something For Your M.I.N.D. (Official Video)

30 Apr

Just a little something for ya

The Gate to a Deep Dream – DDG Generator

29 Apr


28 Apr

Vadim Epstein is the creator of Aphantasia. I recently joined his Patreon.

Empire Of The Sun: Way To Go

27 Apr

Doesn’t matter what’s tripping you out, there’s ways to go

Music video produced by Japanese WOW inc.

Spooky-J & Ekhe – Passinho Gringo Foda (dir. Hugo Inglez)

26 Apr

Dinosaur Jr. – Take It Back

25 Apr

Nina Hagen – Smack Jack

24 Apr

Nina Hagen and some superbly dark 1980s psychedelia.

Telepopmusik – Smile

23 Apr

Jhené Aiko – Tryna Smoke (Official Video)

22 Apr

Very much a weed song (as the title would suggest) but with a video featuring a decent share of psychedelic kaleidscope visuals.

Early Abstractions

21 Apr
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