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The Babe Rainbow – “Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest”

20 Nov



Sunbeam Sound Machine – “Daibutsu”

18 Sep

An unofficial music video created by Cosmic Drop for Australian pop band, Sunbeam Sound Machine’s song “Daibustu”, which brings us a feel good pop tune to help bring up your moods.

If your into Psychedelic Pop/Rock then i would recommend giving these guys a listen, more specifically with there first album “Wonderer”

Empire of the Sun: High and Low

8 Aug

New York -based Roof Studio describe their music video for Australian Empire of the Sun as visualizing the experience of a psychedelic trip. Who would have guessed? Especially with a chorus like:

Alice D, you’re on your way up
Way up, way up


28 Jun

Seamlessly looping kinetic sculpture by Benjamin Ducroz


21 Jun

Stop motion looping animated wooden sculptures by Benjamin Ducroz.

Movings (2016)

14 Jun

Painted zoetropes mixed with nature, filmed along Melbourne’s Merri Creek. By Benjamin Ducroz and Emma Morgan.

Mimicry (2010)

7 Jun

Benjamin Ducroz animated some balsa wood pieces.

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