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Why? – The Barely Blur (dir. Scott Fredette)

30 Apr

Beautifully shot scenes of random and raw humanity dissolve into celestial flame fractals in a slow burn song from indie cult heroes Why?, who have collaborated with this director on several videos.

“Everybody Wants To Be Famous” by Superorganism

29 Apr

Aesthetic Vibes | Future Funk / Vaporwave Mixtape

28 Apr

Recently, I’ve become aware of the existence of Vaporware, an interesting genre from the early 2010s which meshes together some cheesy and  dreamy 1980s and 1990s sounds and aesthetics in some often pretty weird ways. Watching a couple of these vaporware videos can really get you dizzy. Is vaporware psychedelic? I’m not sure, but I think there’s definitely something interestingly surrreal going on there. What do you think?

DatsiK – Jenova Project – VIDEO MIX (Visuals)

27 Apr

Well cut video using clips from “Wrecking Crew Orchestra” dancers

IN-SHADOW: A Modern Odyssey

25 Apr

A journey through Qlippoth realms with a glimmer of hope in the end. No light without darkness.

Washed Out: Floating By

24 Apr

Directed by Drew Tyndell.

Grinder- a fractal short (Jesper Nybroe)

23 Apr

The world of Mandelbulb 3d animation gets a suprisingly horrific treatment by VFX artist Jesper Nybroe.

Grinder – A fractal short from Jesper Nybroe on Vimeo.


“City Looks Pretty” by Courtney Barnett

22 Apr

City looks pretty… trippy, I’d say. Actually, the approach is a bit more subtle than last months take on the famous Star Gate sequence. This time the video for Courtney Barnett’s new song is more about making psychedelic undercurrents visible in more or less everyday sights. Have fun!

Max Cooper – Unbounded – Official video by Morgan Beringer

21 Apr

Larytta – Something Good

20 Apr

There’s just something about looking into someone’s eyes

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