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In Bloom (Digital Flora)

20 Apr


Emanuele Kabu did some lovely minimalist acidic loops for Instagram.


Delta Club – The Nomadic Alternative

13 Apr


Lovely new forms from Emanuele Kabu. He gave an interview about the creation process.

Secret Friend – Any Day Now

12 Apr


Nice melange of visual effects. Created by Superbros.

Wagon Christ – Chunkothy

10 Sep

Ninja Tune sound visualized by Celyn Brazier

1923 aka Heaven (by Max Hattler)

1 Sep

This is a two-minute version of an endless loop.

Max Hattler’s work has been featured on this site several times before. Check it out here and here.

Check out it’s twin animation loop 1925 aka Hell here.

Lost Utopia

25 Jun

Cellular story from Japanese indie animator Mirai Mizue.
There is a DVD available for sale called Mirai Mizue Works Vol 1.


10 Jul

Jeff Scher taps into the spirit of early experimental, abstract films. This piece is not painted directly on film although Jeff has done that, too.

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