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Dennis Pies – Ace of Light (1984)

30 Nov

Light animation and original poetry in this initiatic journey by Dennis Pies, who is now known as Sky-David.

Pagan Psychedelic Puppets

29 Nov

Clinic’s latest video features a rite of horned hippy puppets summoning up some entity. what could have been a disturbing or just a bizarre image is kept sweet and small by the explicit craft of puppetry.

Psychedelic Animation by Harvey Benschoter

28 Nov

Well, I am speachless. Check out the artist’s page for better quality versions and even more mind bending animations [the better versions are now embedded here].

Clinic – ‘The Witch’

27 Nov

Following the recent Jefferson Airplane video, Here’s one from Clinic, a Liverpool indie-rock band. The 1960’s style light shows still works for psychedelic rock, only now it has that added nostalgia that goes well with their retro chic. I started with their video for ‘The witch’ an than got to their live performance that of course applies a trippy light show, and in between found a few more nice videos that go way beyond this convention, but retain a colorful delirious look. Soon on DPV!

1967 light show – Marc Boyle

Jefferson Airplane on TV

25 Nov

Watching this video makes you realize the things you cann’t do on TV these days. ok so back then they had to say “smoke banans” but man did they go banans…

Buddha with Thousand Hands

24 Nov

Thai dancers synchronizing their arms and bodies to offer one of the most
psychedelic traditional dance ever !

Enjoy !

Onur Senturk – Nokta

24 Nov

Some twisted liquidz from Onur Senturk in this short motion piece.

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