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Dennis Pies – Ace of Light (1984)

Light animation and original poetry in this initiatic journey by Dennis Pies, who is now known as Sky-David.

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Pagan Psychedelic Puppets

Clinic’s latest video features a rite of horned hippy puppets summoning up some entity. what could have been a disturbing or just a bizarre image is kept sweet and small by the explicit craft of puppetry.

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Psychedelic Animation by Harvey Benschoter

Well, I am speachless. Check out the artist’s page for better quality versions and even more mind bending animations [the better versions are now embedded here].

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Clinic – ‘The Witch’

Following the recent Jefferson Airplane video, Here’s one from Clinic, a Liverpool indie-rock band. The 1960’s style light shows still works for psychedelic rock, only now it has that added nostalgia that goes well with their retro chic. I started with their video for ‘The witch’ an than got to their live performance that of course applies a trippy light show, and in between found a few more nice videos that go way beyond this convention, but retain a colorful delirious look. Soon on DPV!

1967 light show – Marc Boyle