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Primarily Speaking

31 May
by Gary Hill (1981-1983)

Autorski Teledysk Animowany

30 May

Hand drawn animation by Moniki Duczymińskiej.

Ooga and Zpacetree at Chop Shop Chicago IL

29 May

bdrmm – Be Careful

28 May

Ackland: Rain

25 May

Music video directed by Ana Pérez López.


24 May
by Gary Hill (1980-1981)

Tales from the Trip S01E84: Zachariah Was Terrified of the Chicken Man on Shrooms

23 May

Probably a heroic dose, but quite a smooth ride overall.

One Day I’ll Wake Up And Realize This Was Not A Dream

22 May

AI art by Roope Rainisto

Jacky (2018)

18 May

Short film directed by Guilherme Nasser.

Electronic Linguistic

17 May
Gary Hill (1977)
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