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A combination of Ethiopian Jazz and clips from Eastern European Sci-Fi films.

Works pretty well !

Psychedelic TV

Weird mating calls of the leopard slug – Life in the Undergrowth – BBC – David Attenborough

I swear the way those leopard slug mate, as slimy as it is, is one of the most romantic, boundary dissolving mating forms I have ever seen. I know, David Attenborough is a bit scary but stick around for that part (starts around 1:50)

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“Caravan of Delight” by Flying Lotus

Both of these ain’t official videos. But it seems the music of Flying Lotus has the power to inspire people to find or create visuals to complement the aural experience.

Psychedelic Visuals

Goa- 20 years of Psy Trance

If you are a psy-trance freak like me you would love this old-school Goa parties video that documents Goa trance parties in their early years, it’s a part of a book that is also called “Goa- 20 years of Psychedelic Trance” (I’ll tell you more about the book when my copy arrives:)