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Pokken Tournament Synergy Burst Animation

20 Mar

Japanese manga, anime and video game cultures often use extensive and very psychedelic animations when they depict transformations (remember Sailor Moon?) and the summoning of supernatural forces. The recently released Pokemon fighting game Pokkon Tournament is no exeption.

Hatsune Miku Mirai DX Opening

13 Mar

Trippy Muscledelia: Muscle March

8 Mar

“Space is Everything” — TxK by Jeff Minter (llamesoft)

21 Dec

Jeff Minter has been designing video games since the early days of the medium. And since the very beginning an air of anarchy and trippyness has been a constant in his creations. Since Tempest 2000 he has been refining what I’d like to call the psychedelic “space” shooter (look here for Space Giraffe).

But he has released a game/ “light synthesizer” that is actually called Psychedelia as early as 1984.

Check out the man’s work! You won’t be disappointed.


13 Apr

Gingiva is a trippy and surreal RPG Maker game by John Clowder (myformerselves).  If you are up to exploring some dreamlike logic and bizarre scenarios, you should give it a try.

You can officially download it for free.

GTA V Acid Trip

29 Sep

Here we go: the inevitable acid trip scene in the latest installation of the GTA franchise.

PuLiRuLa – Lysergic Brawler

18 Aug

This is NOT a mod or a glitched or otherwise altered game. It is actually an arcade game known as PuLiRuLa or Pu-Li-Ru-La Arcade Gears that was released by the Japanese video game publisher TAITO (of Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble fame) in 1991. Believe it or not – it was even brought to North America in the same year.

The video above shows only the game’s 3rd round which is of a “lysergic” madness I would not have expected from an officially released video game. But the rest of the game is also crazy psychedelic and very beautiful, so I have included the first part of a playthrough underneath.

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