Psychedelic Visuals

Interactive Kaleidoscope

This is a┬ávisualization of a kaleidoscope, as you might have already guessed. This one also reacts to cursor movements, providing non-stop psychedelic visuals. What I like to do with it is to stare into it’s middle until the hypnotizing swirling movement fills my whole field of view. Then it looks like I’m floating inside…

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Morton Subotnick – Silver Apples of the Moon and The Wild Bull

Enjoy the trippy electronic sounds of Morton Subotnick with some equally trippy visuals!


Psychedelic Visuals

Slamdown by Traction and Hedelmae

The new Web is launched !

A video capture of our real time WebGL demo for the Flame Party. The demo won the main competition. The party was held in Finland on 18th of June 2011 and was organized by the Alternative Party Crew, Mozilla Labs and DOT.

Real-time, online version:
(requires Firefox 4 or 5 and a proper GPU)



code & visuals:
rale/Traction – rale at
fragment/Hedelmae – fragment at