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Captain Hook – Origin (full album trip) [TAS Visuals]

20 Feb

The Israeli Trance DJ Captain Hook and Austrian visual artist TAS collaborate in this superb visual odyssey.

Dark Matter – Particles (Feat. Bela Tar) | חומר אפל – חלקיקים

17 Dec

A Different Life

2 Dec

-N- Uprising – Thomas Blanchard

27 Feb

Mesmerizing video by psychedelic master Thomas Blanchard.

Ink In Motion – Macro Room

20 Feb

Suit video demo – Control Freak

30 Jan

Israeli performance artist demonstrates the ability of his insane control suit.

Everyday Objects In Macro

16 Jan

An awesome video by Israeli visual artist Ben Quaniche.


19 Dec

Brilliant music clip by an Israeli supergroup of musicians and actors (Yermi Kaplan, Gabi Amrani, Meter Seventy, Ido Katzir and Yaheli Sharon) pokes fun at the Vipassana meditation movement. Lyrics are hilarious, and some psychedelic visuals as well.

Asker – kookoo bakalavasi

28 Feb

Israeli raper A.S.K.E.R. says he likes to smoke his hash mixed with acid

Giant Cellphone

17 Feb

Israeli experimental hardcore group Giant Cellphone presents a wicked and weird hallucinatory mix of vintage Israeli TV overlayed with screeching guitar, plenty of subversive political messaging and a general sense of malaise.

And here’s another fabulous one:

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