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Louis Prince – The Number Thirteen

2 Sep

Really cool animation by Joel Plosz

Chelsea Jade – Optimist

15 May

Fiona Apple – Shameika

17 Jan

Light, Darkness, and Unity by Polarian Productions

24 Dec

This piece was created by programming a series of shaders using GLSL, WebGL and Javascript.
Polarian Productions
Music: Bloom by ODESZA

El Árbol de una Idea (The tree of an idea) by Alonso Vasquez

17 Dec

Presented as part of the Cosmix initiative (Florida).

Latent Space by MONOCOLOR

3 Dec

Audiovisual Fulldome Performance by MONOCOLOR (Marian Essl) at SAT Montréal (Société des arts technologiques).

Chip Jacks – Roll Out East – (Plaid Inashed Remix)

27 Sep

Enjoy a peaceful black and white fractal journey ~

Cedric Gervais: With You

19 Mar

A romantic music video by Steven Mertens.

Steven’s work is always appreciated here at the DPV, previous examples:

Karma Fields: Sweat

19 Feb

Raven Kwok decided to embed 2D geometric intersection solving into leaf nodes of a quad-tree structure and this is what it looks like.

Opiuo – Ginger Lizard

23 Nov


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