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“Things Are Moving” by Angry Angles

1 May

loveletter 恋文

26 Dec


amorous ephemeral internet apparitions…


14 Nov


Did you pass?

Idol No More (Remix, 2013)

6 Jun


Nice Datamosh/remoshed Kaleidoscopic video by datartist Phillip Stearns. A remix of Idle No More, by Stine Marie Jacobsen, for the 2013 Turku Biennial in Finland. Bonus: check out his Pointer Feedback:



Porter Robinson – Flicker

3 Mar

Scenic traveling goes better with pixeldelically augmented reality.

Moody’s Planet (2014)

21 Feb


The description of this Korean Psychedelic animation translates to:
In fact, although they are lost and confused, there’s a tranquility in your own world. Visual representation of my own planet.
Now I want to trip to Hyunji Lee’s weird world…

“Sayit” by Röyksopp & Robyn

16 Nov

this is some heavily stylized Scandinavian glitchedelia.


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