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“Exhumed” by Zola Jesus

15 Oct


Gero Doll: Human Eye

14 Mar

A brief reflection and retrospect of all internal notions, nightmares and dreams. A complex mixture of the human psyche and how this relates to the natural processing of information.

The video was shot in Namibia in 2016.

Art, Animation and Direction by Gero Doll
Music & Sound Design by Olivier Girardot

“Things Are Moving” by Angry Angles

1 May

loveletter 恋文

26 Dec


amorous ephemeral internet apparitions…


14 Nov


Did you pass?

Idol No More (Remix, 2013)

6 Jun


Nice Datamosh/remoshed Kaleidoscopic video by datartist Phillip Stearns. A remix of Idle No More, by Stine Marie Jacobsen, for the 2013 Turku Biennial in Finland. Bonus: check out his Pointer Feedback:



Porter Robinson – Flicker

3 Mar

Scenic traveling goes better with pixeldelically augmented reality.

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