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Kings of Power 4 Billion% [2008] by Paul Robertson

31 Mar

A video game Armageddon. Bad trip alert.

Tribocycle – Ben Ridgway

29 Mar

Another stunning gem from Ben Ridgway.

Paint Showers

28 Mar

Snapping Selfies in Space

27 Mar

Attila Marcel

26 Mar

In this French 2013 movie, a 30 years old man lives with his two aristocrate Aunts in Paris, he never spoke since his parents died when his saw the accident…He plays Piano, lives his weird everyday life and meets a neighbour who offer him a special mushroom potion tyo explore his souvenir and find himself !

Sorry, no English version…

AntiVJ projections at the Ethnobotanical garden of Oaxaca

25 Mar

The Ark

Onion Skin

These were site-specific installations at the Ethnobotanical garden of Oaxaca, Mexico.

New Slusho Commercial: Happy Expressions!

24 Mar

Everything is a tiny bit more psychedelic in Japan!

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