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Superflow – Viusic Piece 11 – Happyday

28 Feb

Ian Clemmer’s work has been previously featured here on the DPV. Later on, I have had the privilege of meeting Clemmer personally last summer and watch this video in an HD Stereoscopic 3D format. Ian is one of the most spectacular psychedelic video artists of our time, and has created an amazing variety of stunningly beautiful films, most of which, like “Nature is Numbers” or the piece which I like to call “21st century Kandinsky”, have never been put online, which is a real real shame. So it might be a good idea to write him on his Vimeo account and try to persuade him to put them online, for us video-junkies out there.

super psychedelic Webcam Piano by Memo Akten

27 Feb

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26 Feb

Deliberately using other species, mostly plants, to change one’s conciseness is a cross cultural phenomena, that is well known. But it’s easy to forget that other species show similar behavior…

Not exactly a psychedelic video, but it made me go “purrrr”




Tall Painting

25 Feb

What a wonderful way to paint your living room. Holton Rower is a young artist who uses a seemingly simple technique of pouring colors – with spectacular results.

(Link: Ad. Thanks!)

Psychedelic Belly Dancers

24 Feb

Since we are an international site I usually don’t put videos in hebrew, but hey it’s such a cool video. where else will you see psychedelic belly dancers?

Thanks to Amit Zinman for the video.

Disorder, work in progress…

23 Feb

Disorder is the collision between Kevin Ramseier, dancer & comedian, and François Moncarey, programmer.

Kevin has been educated in the “Conservatoire of Geneva” and  from “Le Studio des bains”, is found of new scenic expressions. François, was educated at “Les Gobelins’, creates video generated by algorithms inspired by the existing movements in nature.
Together, with a transmitter and an infrared camera, they create “Disorder”, a performance mixing contemporary dance and generative video.

Through an audacious choreography, come to assist to the fluctuating mood of an individual with a bipolar behavior, switching from the energy of madness to the most total emptiness…

Here is the beginning of their work in progress, some processing sketches tests, they use memo MSAfluid and toxi library !

Robert Seidel – Chiral

22 Feb

A chiral phenomenon or structure is some weird-ass thing that is not identical to its mirror image. You have to admit the concept sounds cool, even though you wouldn’t immediately understand it. Inspired by this scientific idea, German Robert Seidel went and created a very unique motion graphics piece using among other things projection onto a paper sculpture.

Equally impressive works can be found on Seidel’s Vimeo channel.

The bornless spirit

21 Feb

Larry Carlson takes us on a journey between the spirit world and the physical world, filled with esoteric symbols, space men, light beings and glowing mandalas.

“taking drugs to make music to take drugs to” – psychedelia in the 80’s and early 90’s with Spacemen 3

20 Feb

While we witness a little return of interest towards psychedelic culture since a few years, it was quite rare that popular subculture would refer to psychedelia in those bleak mid 80’s (at least before rave would bring back rainbows, bubbles and acid). Still a few groups like Psychic TV and Spacemen 3 kept the endless trance inducing jams and the quest for musical (et al.) mind exploration going.

Enter The Void

19 Feb

Watching Gaspar Noe’s new film is a death and re-birth experience. definitely the most psychedelic film I’ve ever seen, it’s like going into the mind of another person, and experiencing this conciseness change, from normal to a full-on DMT trip, to a near death experience an beyond. The photography and artistic design are absolutely incredible, I have no idea how most of the scenes were shot.




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