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Jan Jelinek – Do Dekor

4 Aug


Rijn – Dead Voices On Air Meets Dropstar

7 Jul

Malcolm Sutherland: This (2004)

4 Jul

A slow-paced, meditative film animated by Malcolm Sutherland, with chanting by Tibetan Monks.

“Kokomo” by Black Dice

19 May

Telefon Tel Aviv – When It Happens It Moves All By Itself

11 Apr

Junior Senior – “Move Your Feet

26 Mar

Recess: School’s Out – “Green Tambourine”

7 Aug

Credit sequence from the movie Recess: Schools Out.

I remember watching this show whenever i could when i was a kid, and it brings backs much nostalgia just watching it again. I saw the movie as a kid, but watching it again i never noticed how much 60’s references there were, as well as this psychedelic ending to my childhood. It brings me much joy and laughter knowing that a children’s show like this had the balls to incorporate 60’s elements like this into there movie. Its beautiful really, and earns its place as one of my favorite childhood shows.

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