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Fuzzy’s Dream

Classic psychedelic animation set to music by Belgian group Fuzzy Phases.

Psychedelic After Effects, Psychedelic Cinema

Epilepsy / Zixidi
A guy is playing with a game console,

he begins to feel some strange feelings,

these feelings keep on getting more strange…


Zixidi prod.

Psychedelic Cinema, trippy

Ha-Kochav Ha-Kachol opening scene – 1995

Ha-Kochav Ha-Kachol (Blue Panet) is probably the only Israeli psychedelic feature film ever done. It is a tale about a guy who arrives at the Tel Aviv Bus Station, gets his stuff stolen by a hobo, and then embarks on a cosmic adventure. Directed by Gur Bentvich the film  used to be screened at the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque every Friday on midnight for a number years during the nineties.

The opening sequence, has a very low-budget but well made psychedelic animation sequence.