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Fuzzy’s Dream

31 Aug

Classic psychedelic animation set to music by Belgian group Fuzzy Phases.

Epilepsy / Zixidi

29 Aug

A guy is playing with a game console,

he begins to feel some strange feelings,

these feelings keep on getting more strange…


Zixidi prod.

Waiting Room by Jake Fried

28 Aug

Ink and white-out make Jake a happy boy.

Hakan Hisim’s Videos

27 Aug

Hakan Hisim’s does psychedelic music videos to trance music. Some of his stuff is splendidly psychedelicious, and his YouTube channel is definitely worth checking. Here are a few of his videos:


“Paris” by Friendly Fires

26 Aug

Sterile psychedelia inside the kaleidoscope, anyone?

Have a nice day!

Ha-Kochav Ha-Kachol opening scene – 1995

25 Aug

Ha-Kochav Ha-Kachol (Blue Panet) is probably the only Israeli psychedelic feature film ever done. It is a tale about a guy who arrives at the Tel Aviv Bus Station, gets his stuff stolen by a hobo, and then embarks on a cosmic adventure. Directed by Gur Bentvich the film  used to be screened at the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque every Friday on midnight for a number years during the nineties.

The opening sequence, has a very low-budget but well made psychedelic animation sequence.


24 Aug

This is a superedit of hyperspace sequences from films. It includes clips from 2001 (of course), Altered States, The Black Hole, and Life on Earth, among others.

Animal Collective – Today’s Supernatural

23 Aug

This is a new video of Animal Collective that just keeps on coming with the most psychedelic music videos.

ULTIMAYA // Edgar Poe meets Kali on a Trip to Dublin

22 Aug

Hartverdrahtet by Akronyme Analogiker

21 Aug

1st place at Revision 2012 4k compo.

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