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Guided By Voices – Never Mind the List (vid by Aaron Dunkel)

28 Feb

Yet another album from the legendary GBV…

King Midas Sound / Fennesz – “Lighthouse Version”

27 Feb

Tayarat O Sayarat (instrumental) – official visuals

26 Feb

Join the Egyptian musician & producer El Waili in his journey with different vehicles through the skies 🙂

Savej x Liquid Bloom – Cielo Aya {TAS Visuals}

25 Feb

Wo wir herkommen, singen die Vögel ein schönes Lied und es liegt immer Musik in der Luft.

23 Feb


A reverse reenactment of a murder-trial. Not a trial about a murder, but a murder that happened in a trial. Played here in reverse, of course.

Tales from the Trip S01E52: Drinking Three Times the Advisable Amount of Marijuana (ft. Duncan Trussell)

22 Feb

A drink of bhang lassi turned out to be pretty powerful.

Stänzii – Spiritual Maximaliiism

21 Feb

About an Elf

20 Feb

Labrinth – No Ordinary (Official Video)

19 Feb

Meow Wolf: Immersive Experiences as a Tool for Transformation

18 Feb

I had a chance to play visuals at The Vegas location of Meow Wolf a few months ago and i was absolutely blown away with how immersive and interactive the whole experience was. Very inspirational

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