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DatsiK – Jenova Project – VIDEO MIX (Visuals)

Well cut video using clips from “Wrecking Crew Orchestra” dancers

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[VRDG003]-Keijiro Takahashi, OBA and DUB-Russell

From the vimeo description:

VRDG+H#2 @ DMM VR THEATER (2016/4/30)
visual : Keijiro Takahashi
sound : DUB-Russell
produce : BRDG / HIP LAND MUSIC /

photo report

version 1「Mirage」

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Busby Berkeley – By a waterfall (1933)

Nothing can hide the amazing genius of Busby Berkeley, the legendary 1930s movie director choreograph who created unbelievable kaleidoscopic forms all created by human dancers. (Below a backup YouTube version in lower quality for those having difficulty with Facebook videos).

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Excerpt from “Dormouse”- Doug Foster in collaboration with Simon Birch

Dreamy! From the Vimeo description:

This is a short clip from the digital film installation made by Doug Foster, in collaboration with Simon Birch, for The 14th Factory project which opened in Los Angeles, March, 2017. Dormouse is the first film installation to be encountered as you enter the exhibition and constitutes the threshold to the “rabbit hole”. It was shot in Beijing and features well known Chinese performance artists Cang Xin, Li Wei and Yang Zhichao, amongst others. The soundtrack is by Gary Gunn.