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Yello – Out of Sight (dir: Dirk Koy)

17 Jan

FACS – Teanage Hive

16 Jan

Rodrigo Perez Estrada goes hyper-psychedelic

15 Jan

The videos by Rodrigo Perez Estrada are among the most psychedelic you’ll find anywhere on the web

Trampsta – Crazy Town

14 Jan

Crazy one from the psytrance producer Trampsta!

_Audio-Visual Rituals_

12 Jan

Excerpt from work by Ernest Gusella. Thanks derrick aka for bringing back the old masters!

Tales from the Trip S01E49: Shane Mauss’ DMT Girlfriend Got Jealous of His Real Life Girlfriend

11 Jan

I think Shane handled the situation like an adult.

MANGO (Prismatis)

10 Jan

Seemingly highly underrated video/music creator here:

The Pop Group -Words Disobey Me (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)

9 Jan

Arc Rev One – Coastal

8 Jan

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER – The Beatles (cover) – @alvar0rtega

7 Jan

Nice little spin on a classic

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