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Fleet Foxes – Mykonos

31 Jan

Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots

30 Jan


Dolphins ‘chew puffer fish to get high’ !

29 Jan

A film crew have captured young dolphins gently chewing on pufferfish to get themselves high off the potentially deadly neurotoxins it emits. The BBC documentary Spy in the pod caught the youngsters passing the fish around each other before entering a trance like state.

Jeff Scher: Lost and Found (2007)

28 Jan

Warning: epilepsy triggers.

Jeff calls the color variation style in this film “psychadelichrome”. Originally published in an NY Times blog.

Anika – Yang Yang

27 Jan

An Anika cover to Yoko Ono’s “Yang Yang”

Cats vote dpv best site on the web!

26 Jan

The internet loves cats and the internet loves some seriously damaged psychedelic visuals. So why not have both? We collected some proof of concept samples for you:

Mother says you got to choose between wasting your life watching cat videos OR psychedelic videos? Don’t believe it! SO not true!

HR Pufnstuf : The Magic Path – Sid and Marty Krofft

25 Jan

HR Pufnstuf is a  highly psycheelic children show which ran on American television in 1969, created by Sid and Marty Krofft.

Over the years the show has had a cult following on account of claims for drug references in the show. According to Wikipedia ‘”Pufnstuf” has been interpreted as a reference to smoking hand-rolled (H.R.) marijuana (puffin’ stuff).

There is something very psychedelic indeed in “Living Island”, that curious piece of land (or headspace) where everything is alive, and in which Jimmy lands. With lots of magic mixed in, and some pretty crazy humor the show is quite fun to watch, even 45 years after it’s original broadcast. It certainly hasn’t lost its charm. Only downside to it, is that once I started watching it a few weeks ago I can’t get the title song out of my head. Bewarned!

Here is the first episode of the series in which “Jimmy and his magic flute Freddy are lured to Living Island and trapped there by Witchiepoo’s trickery when she makes the Magic Path disappear.”

Fallen Art

24 Jan

A 6-minute, animated short film written and directed by Tomasz Bagiński. It features Romanian band Fanfare Ciocarlia’s song “Asfalt Tango.” The film was produced and created by Platige Image, a VFX company. In 2006 it received the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award.

Cut Copy Lights&Music

23 Jan

Ever had this feeling:

L.S.D // Trippple Nippples

22 Jan


Trippple Nippples is an electropop band from Tokyo, Japan, and you will love them !

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