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Hollis: Sedative

30 Mar

Music video directed & animated by Jamie Wolfe.


29 Mar
by Samuel Beckett

Tales from the Trip S01E80: Shrooms Made Jessica Kirson Hallucinate Banging a Goat Man

28 Mar

A trip to end all trips.

PNAU, Troye Sivan – You Know What I Need

27 Mar

directed and developed by Kuba Matyka & Kamila Staszczyszyn

AI by

Severance Intro

25 Mar

If you haven’t watched Severance – you should. It’s a great series with powerful critique of the modern workplace. Regardless, the intro is beautiful and deeply psychedelic

The Flashbulb – Undiscovered Colors

24 Mar

A beautiful and mysterious auditory journey with video shot primarily in the badlands/Pine Ridge regions of South Dakota

DATA GATE – World’s First NASA AI Astronomical Research Data Sculpture

23 Mar

Created by Ouchhh.

The installation consists of 3 parts; Form, Light and Space. Light is world’s first artwork based upon the idea of utilization of Machine Learning in the context of space discovery and astronomical research through NASA’s Kepler Data Sets.

blue jelly

22 Mar

I believe this is the first (of many) text2video to feature on the daily psychedelic! Made by Doron Adler with

Off the Air: Bugs (S12E02)

21 Mar

Aired in 2022.

List of videos in this episode:

The Spider by Milenics
KHEPRI by Carlos Cortes Reyes
Excerpt from Eyeballs in the Darkness (Credited as Tux and Fanny – Time to go) by Albert Birney
Pouffapiller by Pouff
Midnight Ash by Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma
Synchronizing Fireflies (Credited as Synchronicity (Thailand)) by Robin Meier & André Gwerder
Ant Invasion by Nicole Zaridze
Mosquito by Noah Malone
Earworm by Bryan M. Ferguson
Bugs Fly footage by Dr. Adrian Smith, editing by Tomer Baruch / Animals and Synthesizers

Natürmort (Vadim Epstein)

20 Mar

Natürmort from Vadim Epstein on Vimeo.

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