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Psychedelic Limbo – AMV

21 May

Dark AMV (anime music video)


27 Apr

System 7: Hinotori

16 Aug

System 7 is a project by Gong members Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy.

Inspiration for the video came from an unfinished manga series by Osamu Tezuka.

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider

29 Dec

The ending credits for a new anime series are a glorious mashup of Conway’s Game of Life, Debian Linux, Common Lisp and Motif Window Manager.

DyE – Fantasy (NSFW)

4 Oct

Truly, I wish I didn’t have to ruin some of the surprise in the turn that this video takes, but I’m afraid for this selection I do need to warn viewers that there are some disturbing visuals in this one. The music remains entrancingly chill though.

Usagi Drop Ending and Intro

13 Oct

Both the ending and the intro of the anime series Usagi Drop (2011) are of a very childlike and heartwarming psychedelic style. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Eva for the suggestion)

Anamanaguchi – 「MEOW」

8 Jul

This must be how it feels to trip with your friends  in the arcade on a Saturday night…

(Link: Shakti. Thanks!)

Sailor Moon

27 Jun

Sailor Moon is one of the super-successful Japanese anime series of the 90’s (It also has a whole franchise of manga, merchandise and other stuff). It demonstrates the popular genre of “Magical girl warrior”, in which girl warriors release their magical or psychic powers through transformation sequences that mostly include magic rituals like… changing clothes.

Yes, you heard that right. In this genre  (That has already spread out of Japan), controlling supernatural magic is done by changing to the the right outfit. It’s hard to understand what is the idea behind this. Does it try to convey a commercial message? Or does it symbolize an inner mental transformation, like in “Synchronization” in Neon Genesis Evangelion (Another famed anime series from the 90’s)?

It’s only purpose is probably to look cool in the eyes of the girls that form the show’s audience. But as long as it is presented with psychedelic-like visuals of glowing colors and surreal images, it satisfies me! If you are looking for more clips like these, Youtube is just loaded with them.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 26 – Shinji’s Mind at the end of the world

3 Jan

To my mind, Hideaki Anno’s Neon Genesis Evangelion is probably the best, most mind blowing television series ever created and probably the most mind shattering material ever recorded on video. It changed my life when I first watched it around 2003 and I will forever be grateful to it.
This episode, from episode 26, the final episdoe of the original series (1995) is part of the ultra-psychedelic trip Shinji is going through is mind right around the end of the world. It deals with very fundamental truths about who we are and draws from Freud , among others, but reminds me of a the death-rebirth experiences which one might undergo during a psychedelic experience. (“Death-Rebirth” is incidentally the name of one of the two Evangelion films which were produced in 1997).

(Link: Morning Glory. Thanks for reminding me!)

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