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“Rattlesnake”- music video for King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

17 Mar

Looping GIFS by Colin Mac Fadyen

10 Mar





“What if the Yellow Guy had a dream???”- Peter Millard

24 Feb

Animator Peter Millard peeks inside the bizarre interior landscape of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’sDon’t Hug Me I’m Scared’s, Yellow Guy.

“Venus Fly” by Grimes & Janelle Monáe

12 Feb

“Venus Fly” by Grimes (who also directed the video) and Janelle Monáe brings us plenty of over the top psychedelia: the air is dense with feathers, bubbles, petals and white digital artifacts, there is always something bursting in slow motion and stuff that does not get smashed is on fire. Beyond that we also get popular kalaidoscope effects, neon and black contrasts and lots of trippy fashion. Have fun!


Rubber Face Trump GIF by Esteban Diacono and Hossein Diba

10 Feb


Awesome Trump animation collaboration by artists Esteban Diacono and Hosseing Diba. You can find more of Diacono’s totally trippy work on Instagram and more of Hossein Diba’s work at TheArtofHosseinDiba.

“Self-Unemployed”-music video for The Luyas by Amanda Bonaiuto

3 Feb

“Twenty Eight Days of Portals”-James Eads

20 Jan


From the Vimeo description:

A compilation of work created in the first 28 days of using Tilt Brush in virtual reality with the HTC Vive.

for more work visit jamesreads.com or follow him on instagram @james.r.eads.art

music: “Special Feel” by Sean Eads seaneads.com

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