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Tales from the Trip S01E76: Beware of Babies Appearing During Your Shroom Trip (ft. Katie Hannigan)

31 Jan

She might have needed a tripsitter, but was tasked with babysitting instead.

IV4 – Get Rich & Cry Trying (Short Film by Avteur)

30 Jan

Abracadabra – Swim

29 Jan

Max Cooper – Everything

27 Jan

Many of us are familiar with Max Cooper’s work at this point. This one came out last year and is one of my personal favorites from him. I mean, just look at this thumbnail!

Misty Coast: Little Sister

26 Jan


25 Jan
By Ivan Maximov (1990)

Off the Air: Moon (S11E02)

24 Jan

Aired in 2021.

List of videos in this episode:

MOON TITLE by Matthew Taylor
Moon Tube 1 2 & 3 by Jack Wedge, Will Freudenheim and Sophie Koko Gate
Moon by Yoriko Mizushiri
Lunar Love & Ever by Gabriel Gabriel Garble
CH4RMPIX by Claudia Mace
“Why the End of the World Has Not Yet Come” music video by Haomin Peng
Moon Hoax by Harrison Fishman
MUKBANG! by Cheng-Hsu Chung
Blue Moon Over my Hammie by Michael Arcos

This episode was guest curated and produced by Sophie Koko Gate.

Crywank – I Love You But I’ve Chosen Me, Pt. VIII: Mince (Hack into the Mainframe)

23 Jan

Video by SlouchShow

Baby Cool – Magic

22 Jan


20 Jan

I really like the editing and imagery choices! Directed by : Douze

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