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The play of Maya

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The Music Scene – Blockheads / Anthony Francisco Schepperd

Wow! An extremely¬†orgiastic¬†splashing of colors in this one! The whole world is dissected and reassembled into glowing color figures in this absolutely amazing psychedelic video created by Anthony Fransisco Schepperd for the Blockheads track “The music scene”.

(Link: Alli Gallixsee. Thanks!)

Psychedelic Computer Gaming

LSD: Dream Emulator

This brave little game did not want to grow up to be a well respected driving simulation or a famous fighting game like most of his brothers and sisters back in the days of the first Playstation. Its honorable aspiration was to become part of the secret psychedelic and anarchic gaming history that started when the first italian 8-bit plumber nibbled away on a mushroom to grow bigger and hit his head even harder.

From the very beginning games have used psychedelic imagary and aesthetics. But LSD did go a step further by getting rid of the action-perception-patterns and management-tasks that usually hold games together. Instead it offered an environment and dreamlike logics to explore. It is a trip with no other purpose but exploring the possibilities.

The links below offer more insight in the actual gaming experience and its excellent use of multi-media:””

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The Rotten Fruit Tardis – interactive animation from James Paterson

James Paterson

James Paterson (Canada) is a visual artist that blends hand-dawned stream-of-consciousness animation with digital media and interactivity, to create complex environments as gallery installations or on-screen web projects. the above piece is a non interactive video of a project that can be more fully experienced here:

I recommend installing his trippy screensaver:

His personal and collaborative works have been shown at the Design Museum in London, London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Taipei, the Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Sundance Film Festival, and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.


The Psychedelic Rebirth

The Flaming Lips is a very consistent Psychedelic band devoted to explore the psychedelic sound and visuals alike. “Watching the Planets” is from their concept¬† album titled “Embryonic” (2009). This is the best psychedelic album I’ve heard in many years, featuring 21st century shamanic lyrics and experimental sound