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Britney Spears – Work B**ch

30 Nov

Britney’s latest video is one of those clips which take the most exaggerated thing and exaggerate it even more. While many might not see this as psychedelia, having watched this during a psychedelic state of mind, my mind was blown. Decadent psychedelia…


Imagination by Jason Silva

29 Nov


… A Universe Of Possibilities
… Grey Infused By Color
… The Invisible Revealed
… The Mundane Blown Away By Awe

Dedicated to: Carl Sagan, Ray Kurzweil, Timothy Leary, Buckminster Fuller, Stewart Brand, The Imaginary Foundation, Chris Anderson from TED, Linda Mishkin, Richard Feynman, and all the curious and the wonderful…

Watch More related to Human Condition:

Still Images courtesy of Imaginary Foundation (recommended):

Bonkers Forest Psytrance Rave

27 Nov

British Humour & psytrance Gonzo style !

High Contrast – Spectrum Analyser

26 Nov

Glitch attack! Video directed by High Contrast (Lincoln Barrett) himself.

Capital Cities – Safe And Sound (Official Video)

25 Nov

Some psychedelic visuals and vibe in Capital Cities’ Safe and Sound.

“Elliot” by Roosevelt

24 Nov

Some more of that sweet, melancholy drenched psychedelia for you. Enjoy!

Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot

23 Nov

Cherish the pale blue dot.

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