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Crystal-poi visuals – Subliminal Twin

31 Jan

Poi created psychedelic imagery by Subliminal Twin.

“I wish I could talk in technicolor…”

30 Jan

This is footage of an experiment from around 1956. A dose of LSD25 is given to a “normal” woman. She is interviewed for the experiment by Dr. Sidney Cohen just before taking the LSD and also while she experiences its effects.

There are so many things remarkable about this! But see for yourself…

Nebulous Soliloquy with PsychoTronic Interface to God

28 Jan

This is so very highly psychedelic… A perfect mixture of electronic music, a powerful speech and beautiful psychedelic imagery which blow your mind.

Drifting away with fractals

27 Jan

I know, we have all seen fractal videos. Hell I think i saw over a thousand videos of fractals of many types, but they are all missing something. Yes the psychedelic experience includes a lot of fractals, but in these videos for some reason the fractals don’t evolve the way they do in the real experience. Fractals cahnge and twist with thought, they have the rythm of thought and are affected by them. When you stare into the fractalic world you stare into your soul, obviously most of the fractal videos miss that. This video on the other hand is the most beautiful fractalic video I’ve seen. I watched it many times and it always sends me on a roller coaster of thoughts. The way the landscape changes on it is the closest I’ve seen to what is experienced during the psychedelic experience.
hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

BTW is it only me who sees this or do other people recognize fields of peyote in some parts of this video?

// Subtiv //

26 Jan

The audience was asked to deliver us some images in a shared map over the network, which we mixed live on the music.

Software: Photoshop (for placing the images live in a individual mask-grid system), Quartz Composer & VDMX5
Hardware: a bunch of midi-controllers, 4 macbooks, 1 beamer and a Camcorder.

// song: Huoratron-Corporate Occult
// Thank you Vade & Bangnoise

John Whitney’s antique computer animation

25 Jan

Permutations (1966)

Catalog (1961)

Mind candy from the depths of a World War II M-5 Antiaircraft Gun Director. Puzzled? Read the Wikipedia article.


This Cornelius vid posted earlier samples some material from Whitney.

Jerry Abrams – Eyetoon (1968)

24 Jan

A classic of psychedelia. Jerry Abrams’s “Eyetoon” is an 8 minute short film, a kleidoscopic torrent of partly disturbing images, myterious shadows and “lysergic sex” made by one of the pioneers of the psychedelic film culture of the sixties.

The German voice which presents the clip in the beginning informs that “at the time, a critic called the film ‘a perfect synthesis of ¬†metaphysical, spiritual and sexual feelings'”.

(Link: Rea. Thanks!)

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