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Chip Jacks – Roll Out East – (Plaid Inashed Remix)

27 Sep

Enjoy a peaceful black and white fractal journey ~

TAU: Venedito

17 Sep

Music video by akfortysevs.

AtYyA – Oceanic

16 Nov

Visuals by Fractalled Visions (Keith Anderson)

Stained Glass and the Sun -Julius Horsthuis

10 Nov

Beautiful and reflective fractals

Spun Out of the Blue (Truman Brown)

10 Sep

Truman Brown is an under-heralded master of the Mandelbulb 3d animation, with wicked cool sound design too! All of his work is worth checking out: http://www.browngrafix.com/

Salvatore Ferragamo commercial

6 Mar

Boutique created this animation based on Kustaa Saksi‘s illustrations.

Ra Djan – “Jordan Rain”

8 Jan

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