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Acid Waves Soundscaped [by Liquid Vibes]

31 Oct

The Microbioe

30 Oct

A Kurzgesagt video which explains the inside of your tummy and how they effect your mind. Wow!

Cyclotone II (2015) by Paul Prudence

29 Oct

Acousmatic visual-music performance work made for Elektra and LEV festivals, 2015. Real-time generated visuals composed with VVVV. Sound design based on field recordings of mechanical and technological environments.

Steven Haman x Incedigris Animation

28 Oct

Steven Haman x Incedigris Animation

Oneohtrix Point Never – Problem Areas

27 Oct

Hyperreal, psychedelic still lifes by Takeshi Murata (for “Problem Areas” by Oneohtrix Point Never).

Paul White – The Doldrums

26 Oct

Thank you Amir Elz for introducing me to this beauty!

Bonobo : No Reason (feat. Nick Murphy)

25 Oct

Really interesting video for musical artist Bonobo. Check out how they made it here too:

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